• A Common Mission

    Every time we host a Kairos course, one thing always brings me great joy. The unifying of churches in our community…The Bible urges us to be one of mind, spirit and purpose. Kairos is bringing about unity among the Church. This is a HUGE reason I love and respect Kairos

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  • Kairos In Action

    A Kairos Head Facilitator in the Louisville area shared about the impact it has had at Ballardsville Baptist Church…It was a great eye-opener for the group as many responded saying things like, “I didn’t even know these people were in our community,” or “I never knew this opportunity existed.” It’s exciting to hear how God has used Kairos to launch this church and these individuals on a new journey.

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  • Successful Kairos Launch at Lakehills Covenant Church

    An initial course was recently completed at Lakehills Covenant Church in El Dorado Hills, California. The course was made up of the core leaders of the church, strategically laying a foundation for future growth.

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  • Strategic Kairos Intensive Held in the Caribbean

    Last month Dr. Clifton Charles headed up a Kairos course in Trinidad & Tobago and brought together a very strategic group for the further growth of Kairos. Twelve people attended and the denominations and nations represented by the participants as well as the strategic offices held by key persons involved in this course indicate divine selection for the spread of Kairos in the Caribbean.

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  • Kairos Gains Momentum in Fresno

    We’re excited to see Kairos gaining a strong foothold in the Fresno, CA area. Northside Christian Church and Missions Pastor Tommy Corrao have embraced Kairos and have partnered with Team Expansion and Head Facilitators from other California locations to host several courses since 2011.

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  • Linda Harding Kicks Off HF Training

    In February and March Linda Harding, from the Kairos International Coordination Team, traveled throughout the U.S. to bring us the Kairos Head Facilitator Training.

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  • National Coordination Team

    Following the Head Facilitator Training in March, Emerald Hills also hosted an inaugural meeting for the U.S. National Coordination Team. Kairos has seen substantial growth in the U.S. in the last couple of years and it was time for the formation of an NCT

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