• Simply Mobilizing App and Kairos Ebook

    An exiting announcement we have to share with you all at the end of this year is the development of the Simply Mobilizing app.

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  • Simply Mobilizing

    The conference focused on launching the next phase of the Kairos movement, called Simply Mobilizing. Simply Mobilizing grew out of what was started and continues through the Kairos course, and builds on the same vision of seeing the whole body of Christ mobilized for God’s purpose.

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  • Kairos at the ICOM

    Once again Kairos will be representing at the International Conference on Missions. This year it will be held in Richmond, VA on October 29th-November 1st.

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  • Greetings from Chiang Mai

    We just wrapped up the Simply Mobilizing Conference (3rd Kairos International Conference) in Thailand and what an event it was. This was the biggest international Kairos gathering they’ve held to date with an official count of 415 delegates from 54 countries!

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  • International Conference August Update

    Simply Mobilizing means we simply mobilize – that’s all that we do!
    In the Kairos Movement we saw mobilization as a means to an end – the end being reaching unreached peoples. In the SM movement we see mobilization as an end in itself because of all that God achieves through the mobilization into mission of His people. Not only do the unreached get reached, but in addition, the unsaved in reached people groups get a powerful witness of the gospel (Mt 24:14), the Church becomes mature and is unified (Eph 4:13), Christ’s Bride is prepared for eternal ages (Rev 19:7) and of utmost importance, God is glorified and His end vision achieved (Rev 21 and 22).

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  • International Conference July Update

    I am endeavoring, in these monthly communiques, to answer the question, why Simply Mobilizing? We began in our May communique by looking at the harvest field, and then we followed up last month with a look at the harvest force.
    This month, my third reason for the Simply Mobilizing movement is ‘because of the need for Mobilizers’.

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  • Multilingual Mobilization

    Kairos is a tool to mobilize the nations to reach the nations. The course has been translated into dozens of languages and to date has been used in around 80 countries worldwide. We see a glimpse of that multitude of languages right here in the U.S. where not just English, but several other translations are being used as well.

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  • International Conference June Update

    In preparation for our forthcoming Conference, I am responding each month to the question ‘Why is mobilization so important?’ and linking it to the Simply Mobilizing movement which we will be launching at our Kairos Conference. In my previous communiqué (May) I began with my first answer, ‘Because of the Harvest Field.’

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  • International Conference May Update

    Why is mobilization so very important, especially in this generation? In these short monthly communiques leading up to our Conference, we will be attempting to answer this vital question.

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  • New Online Kairos Course Manager and Database System

    Kairos is launching a new course manager and database system…It will be a central place for organizing, tracking, networking and resourcing and will provide great framework for further expansion of the Kairos movement.

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