• New Program Highlight: Youth Kairos

    Youth Kairos is a guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be part of the world Christian movement.

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  • New Program Highlight: The Unfinished Story

    The Unfinished Story is a course that inspires and challenges every believer to be meaningfully involved in the world Christian movement. It gives an exciting overview of the biblical, historical, strategic and cultural aspects of God’s mission and our part in it.

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  • Training for Head Facilitators

    The Bridging Training is being made available to all current Kairos Head Facilitators and will be necessary before engaging further with the new Simply Mobilizing developments.

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  • New Program Highlight: Empowered to Influence

    Today we’ll look at Empowered to Influence (ETI). ETI will benefit every believer, but especially those who are in the workplace.

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  • New Products and Growing Structure

    Before we announce the plans for growth we’d like to introduce the other new members of the Kairos family – the new Simply Mobilizing Products!

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