New Regions Launched

Though many courses taking place across the country are following a weekly format rotating through the spring and fall seasons, this summer saw some great growth and new regions established with an ongoing plan for Kairos. One of those was Wichita, KS where back in April 6 churches combined to host the first Kairos course in the area. A Head Facilitator was established with that course and following up in June they held their first Facilitator Training. Now with a great team in place they have begun two courses running on a weekly basis this fall. This was the perfect picture of a great Kairos launch with a partnership of churches coming together to support the effort.

Another is Savannah, GA where the first course was held in August with a new Head Facilitator established. The new HF reported that “the Spirit of God was clearly present” and “people had the dots connected and saw how God has perfectly lined up His Mission for all of our lives.” They also followed and trained some of the graduates as facilitators in order to gear up for their next course which is being planned for early 2015.

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