New Online Kairos Course Manager and Database System

Wow, a database system. Doesn’t that sound exciting :)
Well, it actually is exciting. Kairos is launching a new course manager and database system globally and this year we in the U.S. have been diving into it. It will be a central place for organizing, tracking, networking and resourcing and will provide great framework for further expansion of the Kairos movement.
So, what does that mean for you? Well for Head Facilitators and Facilitators this is a place for planning and reporting and will be a valuable tool we hope everyone will come to appreciate. For others, whenever you complete the Kairos course you’ll be added to the system and receive login credentials. If/when you do decide to become a Kairos Facilitator trainers will be able to confirm your course completion, add you to a training event and upgrade your status as Facilitator. 
Needless to say, with course graduates in the thousands there is a lot of backloading to do for the database. Head Facilitators and Facilitators are being prioritized at this time and then we’ll work on the remainder. If you’d like to get added sooner rather than later (if, for instance, you are planning to join and upcoming training), just respond and let us know and we’ll let you skip the line :)

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