New Program Highlight: The Unfinished Story

Earlier we highlighted Empowered to Influence, one of the new Simply Mobilizing programs that has been released. This month we want to highlight another called The Unfinished Story. 
The Unfinished Story is a course that inspires and challenges every believer to be meaningfully involved in the world Christian movement. It gives an exciting overview of the biblical, historical, strategic and cultural aspects of God’s mission and our part in it.
This four session facilitated course, designed to be conducted in a local church, uses a variety of learning methods and interactive activities, such as:

  • Inspirational teaching and supplementary videos
  • Prayer for least reached peoples, globally and locally
  • Reading of challenging articles and worksheets
  • Stimulating interactive group discussions

We’re excited about The Unfinished Story and there are many already expressing interest in using it. For right now, however, The Unfinished Story is …well… unfinished. Trial courses have been run in order to provide feedback and it is now in a revision phase so that it can really be the best it can be. Many people are looking forward to this course as it provides a journey through the same four major areas that we focus on in the Kairos course but through a more small group style format.
If you are interested in The Unfinished Story, stay tuned for future updates about when it will be available and how you can get started.

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